Price - List of Activities Included in the Parties

2 Hour Party = £160 Total. (If the party is held outside of The Black Country Area, there may be a £20 travel fee added onto the total fee. This will be quoted to you, at the time of enquiry.)

The payment is paid in cash in full, on arrival, at the party. (We don't accept card payments, £50 notes or cheques, I'm afraid.) Thank you.

There is no deposit to be paid, just in case any Government Covid-19 restrictions are put back in place. However, each booking is taken in good faith by customer & entertainer & the party must be intended to go ahead once booked.

These fees include the entertainment, inclusive of a 20 minute break (2 hour party only), travel, parking costs, public liability insurance, enhanced DBS (CRB) Check, safe electric PAT Tested. Music equipment and all child-friendly pop & Disney music provided. All games, lights, bubble machine provided.

Please note:- I would need a car parking space very near to the venue, so vehicle access would be required to unload/load my party equipment. I would need a car parking space to leave the car for the duration of the party. If there are any parking restrictions, such as:- a parking permit, this would need to be arranged, by yourselves, prior to my setting up, and given to me on the day of the party and, please, let me know in advance. Also, if i need to give my car registration to the venue, metered parking or ny other restriction, please inform me of this, so that i can sort anything out prior to the start of the party. Thank you very much for any information on this.

All i need inside the venue are 2 safe, electric plug sockets and a medium-sized table, if available. I set up my music equipment and games before i start the party. I would arrive 45 minutes before and would need 30 minutes afterwards to pack away. I get changed, beforehand. Then, organise all activities by standing in front of the table, at floor level. A mixture of child-friendly, pop & Disney music is used throughout the party.

Here is a list of the party games, in the order that i will do them, during the 2 hour party:-

1) Hula Hoops - as guests turn up gradually, i will give the children a hula hoop to start joining in,

2) Musical Statues,

3) Introduction - I introduce myself to the children and tell them what we're going to do today. We sing 'Happy Birthday' to the birthday child,

4) Limbo Dancing - I hold the limbo stick and the children go underneath it, to the music. (This game would be replaced with playing tambourines, if the children are all 4 years & under.)

5) Cheerleaders' Pom Poms - I show the children some easy dance moves and they copy me using the pom poms to pop the bubbles from the bubble machine,

6) Musical Sleeping Lions,

7) Dance tuition to a party dance with bubbles,

8) Newspaper Game - we dance & when the music stops, we stand on the paper,

9) Dance tuition to a pop song with bubbles,

10) Parachute Games -

a) Magic Mountain - We stand in a circle and take the parachute up and down several times,

b) Birthday Shake - We sit down, with the birthday child sitting in the middle. We sing 'Happy Birthday', while we shake the parachute.

c) Sea Storm - We make a sea storm by shaking the parachute, then, by putting foam sea creatures on the top, we shake it several times,

d) Making a Den - I stand up, the children sit down underneath and, with the help of a couple of adults, we take the parachute down & up several times, then, crouch down to make a den.

Break - This is an opportunity for yourselves to give the children a drink, some party food and, also, chance to sing 'Happy Birthday' with the candles lit on the birthday cake, if you're having one. I will lead the singing. Then, while i carry on with the entertainment, you can cut up the cake for children to take home, if you wish.

11) Magic tricks -

a) Magic Colouring Book Trick - I show the children my pictures in my colouring book but they are not there! Oh no! So, we say the magic words and they reappear! Da da! Oh, we realise they are not coloured in. So, we say the magic rhyme again and they are all coloured in! Hey!

b) Dovepan Trick - I pretend that i have forgotten the stickers, so i find my shopping bag out and put the food contents of my bag into the dovepan. We put the lid on, say the magic words & Hey Presto! the stickers appear!

Please note:- If the children have seen these tricks before, i would replace them with another couple of magic tricks.

Also, if the children are 7 years & older, i would replace the magic tricks with The Egyptian Mummy Game:- In groups, the children wrap a person up in toilet roll, as an Egyptian Mummy!

12) Dance Tuition to a pop song with bubbles,

13) Musical Bodyparts - I call out a part of the body & we put it onto the floor when the music stops,

14) Singing (Optional) - we can all sing a song together in a group or the birthday child can sing a song with a friend,

15) Strike a pose game - We stand like a cartoon character when the music stops & dance when it comes back on again,

16) Party dance with bubbles,

17) Musical Bumps,

18) Party dance with bubbles,

19) Handing stickers out - to all the children at the party, as a small gesture. The birthday child will get a Disney book/colouring set or something similar.

(All games are cleaned in between each party.)


13+ Years Experience,

Enhanced DBS (CRB) Check,

Public Liability Insurance,

Safe Electric Tested (PAT Tested),

Member of Equity (Entertainers' Union),

Qualified Dance Teacher in IDTA,

Professional Singer for 19 years &

Professional Film/TV Walk-On Extra for 16 years.

All terms & conditions up-to-date on 19/09/21.

To check availability, fill out the form below or Call Kid Factor Parties on - 07985 520567. Please let me know a date & area of party. Thanks.

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